From Monday 6/6 to Friday 10/6 the Athens Metropolitan Expo became a pole of attraction for shipping professionals from all over the world after hosting the international exhibition, “Poseidonia 2022”.

With great joy and enthusiasm, at the stand of the Association of Innovative Applications Companies of Greece (SEKEE), four Greek startups presented their innovative solutions in the shipping industry. Among them is PaloServices, a high-tech company that offers Web & Social Intelligence services to communication specialists, marketers and social media executives, who presented, among others, the new, innovative tool for astroturfing. The stand of SEKEE and PaloServices was also visited by the Minister of Shipping, Ioannis Plakiotakis, accompanied by the Secretary General of the Ministry, Mr. Evangelos Kyriazopoulos.

PaloServices with its innovative tool is the first Greek company that created algorithms and AI models for the detection of propaganda networks within the digital ecosystem. Astroturfing is the production of organized actions of information and dissemination of news on social media and media in general. “ aspires to change the way a news item is produced and distributed in Greece,” says PaloServices CEO Panagiotis Tsantilas.

The implementation of astroturfing includes, among others, the following 4 steps:

Development of tools for controlling the reliability of news transmission and retransmission sources (nodes) on social networks,

Training of a unified forecasting model that will evaluate the publications, reposts and comments of the news and will evaluate the veracity of the news based on its dissemination model,

Examination of social media sources that produce content (news sources, blogs, etc.) of different prestige and credibility by topic category, but also of social network nodes (users),

Capturing propaganda networks as an extension of the simple flag lists (or black lists) formed behind a deliberately false news or newsgroup.

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