Organizational Structure

PALO and Qix meet in total or in combination the following basic (necessary and capable) conditions for the implementation of services and the utilization of results:

  1. Scientific competence of the project team in collaboration with university, doctoral researchers and holders of postgraduate degrees in both computer science and social sciences, economics and health sciences, so that they can understand and evaluate all the dimensions of the problem spreading rumors and fake news on social networks, through organized structures and dissemination strategies.
  2. Research achievements in the field of research interests of the project which gradually approach the problem, by studying and evaluating the existing scientific level, and by designing and implementing innovative solutions. The results have been published in prestigious conferences and journals and cover mainly issues of application execution architectures with innovative approaches and targeted applications in the field of reputation recognition on social networks.
  3. Deep and many years of experience of PALO in the successful implementation and parametric operation of information platforms directly related to this proposal
  4. Excellent financial situation of PALO and Qix, able to support the smooth financing of the proposal
  5. Implementation of important actions of extroverted business development by PALO, in areas that are still virgin or developing in terms of data analysis of social networks and vulnerable to attempts to spread false news and organized misinformation. PALO is currently active in Cyprus, Serbia, Romania and Turkey successfully
  6. Ability to manage and administer research projects both from the European Union (eg ICT-FP7, Horizon2020) and from the Greek State (eg IS) from both PALO and universities
  7. Existence of an organized research and development department of PALO, which contributes to the creation of innovative products and services
  8. operation of an organized network for the utilization of results by both companies, on the part of PALO in the form of a sales network of either specialized salesmen operating under the direction of sales (internal) or partner companies, subsidiaries and agents (external), and on the part of of Qix in the form of business development consultants. The network has the ability, in addition to the immediate results, to create long-term links with the existing and potential customer base, creating a “stable” sales flow in the long run.