– New Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies & advanced tools for social network analysis, presented by PaloServices CEO, Panagiotis Tsantilas

-The international exhibition was held from September 29 to October 2 at the facilities of TIF-HELEXPO in Thessaloniki

Thursday 06 October 2022

New Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, that are a game changer in the monitoring and analysis of content in the digital environment, as they create unlimited possibilities for social networking platforms, were presented by the CEO of PaloServices, Panagiotis Tsantilas, at the international technology exhibition BEYOND, held from September 29 to October 2 in Thessaloniki.

With the central theme of “Social Media Intelligence with AI”, the founder of PaloServices referred to the new machine and deep learning technologies, which the company utilizes in order to analyze the content produced in the digital environment, in real time, offering a more accurate understanding of human behavior online. He also presented PaloServices’ advanced services, such as sentiment analysis, emotion analysis, which capture with over 90% accuracy the sentiment of posts as well as the new astroturfing tool. The tool “astroturfing” aims at detecting organized actions of misinformation through the modeling of the spread of false news on social media. The CEO of the company also participated in a roundtable that had as its theme the “development of entrepreneurship in the new digital era”.

PaloServices was present at the international exhibition BEYOND, which paves the way to the digital future, at the SEKEE & HETiA stand.

With a central message of “Get Future Ready”, the BEYOND exhibition was held for the second year in a row at the International Exhibition and Conference Center (TETH-HELEXPO), highlighting Thessaloniki as an international technology hub. 300 companies – 100 of them startups – participated in the exhibition, presenting their innovative products and services, as well as distinguished speakers from all over the world. As part of this year’s BEYOND, over 5,000 executive meetings from the wider technology space also took place. The The BEYOND exhibition is co-organized by TIF-Helexpo, Be-Best and Industry Disruptors Game Changers (IDGC).

More information about the exhibition here.

About PaloServices

PaloServices is a high-tech company offering Web & Social Intelligence and Analytics services to businesses, communicators and social media executives. Using artificial intelligence technologies, it has developed innovative ways to monitor and analyze online news and social media content in real time, covering the wider region of Southeast Europe.

PaloServices has developed the Palo website, a powerful news search engine, which provides a personalized real-time news reading experience, Palo News Digest, our country’s first mobile application, which presents daily top news stories in AI-powered summaries , as well as PaloPro, the innovative, award-winning Web & Social Listening and Analytics platform that delivers search results with over 95% accuracy.

More about PaloServices here.